According to Health Secretary Enrique T. Ona, FSMMs play an important role in the delivery of health care services, especially in attaining Universal Health Care. FSMMs are activities where medical interventions and/or surgical services are provided to select underserved areas and communities by a foreign individual or organization in partnership with a local government unit, non-government organization, hospital or medical society. FSMM can either be a One-Time Conduct of medical Mission or an "Adopt-A-Hospital" Program. (DOH PR: 21Dec2012)

Together with this activity is the Cataract-Pterygium Surgical and Eye Care Mission on July 22-24, 2013 at Adela Serra Ty Memorial Medical Center, Tandag, Surigao del Sur as part of the Vision2020 – Surigao del Sur advocacy which aims to reduce if not, eliminate the high incidence of blindness in the province. There will be 100 beneficiaries for the free cataract surgery and 500 recipients of free eye glasses to correct errors of refraction. Other components under this agreement are dental health services and capacitation of hospital workers for a more sustainable program on prosthesis provision.

"The Center for Health Development Caraga is in full support to this undertaking and grateful for our private partners for embracing Adela Serra Ty Memorial Medical Center, one of our DOH retained hospitals. This will unequivocally benefit our citizens neighboring the medical center. We are pleased and grateful that we are engaging in Public-Private Partnership with these respected organizations. The benefits of this partnership will be demonstrated and will surely be felt by those who will benefit them, the underserved public of Surigao del Sur." – Dir. Ariel I. Valencia, MD, MPH, CESO III.